Thursday, 7 July 2011

For VSAT Nerds

Just for any nerds, the 7107 I showed yesterday is the middle product - for compactness there is the 7103, shown below. Whereas the 7107 operates in global C-band, the 7103 works in Ku-band, which is regional.

It is a highly efficient dual-offset Gregorian 1.15m (45”) Ku-band antenna housed in a low-loss 1.28m (50”) radome. This little chap, which due to its ruggedness finds favour in the offshore oil and gas segment and navies, would set you back a minimum of $57k. I'll bet you found that interesting!

Came back to the hotel last night to find my complimentary dressing gown had been taken away.


  1. First you went philosophical, then Biblical, now you are going all technical on us. It's about time you returned home and got stuck into all this Murchy business we are having back here.

  2. This one is just asking for someone to program it to extend itself, face you and say in a digitised voice... "5's alive"..