Friday, 1 July 2011

Duncan-Smith Working For Japanese

Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan-Smith, who is part Japanese on his mother's side, stands accused of secretly working for the Japanese and attempting to destroy British industry.

In a speech to some foreign Johnnies yesterday, Duncan-Smith urged British businesses to engage in a bit of illegal ethnic discrimination by not selecting foreign workers showing aptitude, willingness and a work ethic, and choosing instead young British people who really don't want to work at all, thereby dragging British business to the bottom of the productivity league tables and allowing Japan to recover unhindered from its recent problems.


  1. You should never trust people with double-barrelled names (or, come to think of it, double-barrelled shotguns although you would be wise to do what the latter tell you to do - but not the former).

  2. Alan: I never trusted him at school.