Saturday, 2 July 2011

Taking Our Jobs in Canada & Israel

Poor old Tim Henman - did you see him play Nidal last night? It was like watching an eastern European taking your job from under your nose. Foregone conclusion though - he's not English after all; northern European or something. Apparently an Englishman last won Wimbers in 1254.

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge are really popular in Canada. Chairman Bill wonders when the Duchess of Cambridge will bring out her first album and be invited to be a judge on X-Factor.

I do wish she'd stop wearing those ridiculous little hats. She should opt for a flower instead - like that Suzie Q - or whatever that Burmese Woman's name is.

The Chairman is off to HQ in Israel again on Monday for some product training (satellite communications technology). They're keeping me over for Friday and most of Saturday to show me some typical Israeli hospitality - I just hope it's not a bit of gratuitous blockading.

My Israeli colleagues have advised me that when I return to Blighty I should get to Tel Aviv airport just in time; apparently if you arrive early and the security staff have some spare time on their hands they make sport of foreigners and single them out for "special love and attention".

Can't help feeling I've taken some Israeli's job.

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