Sunday, 3 July 2011

Warning! This Blog Contains Flash Photography & Nuts

The government is publishing new guidelines for teachers in England which it hopes will mean parents can once more send their kids on dangerous school trips in the hope they don't return.

The Chairman has heard that Prince Rainier has married again - to a facsimile of Princess Grace. I suppose Princess Charlene sounds better in French than it does in English.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, supermodel Naomi Campbell and a whole host of pointless people attended the lavish example of overindulgence and garish wealth.

You know this mantra of British jobs for British people? I know how this can be achieved without resorting to illegal ethnic discrimination - make it law that any foreigner getting a job in the UK must become a British citizen and give up their foreign passport. That's not such a daft idea - I had to give up my Dutch passport on becoming British, as the Dutch would not allow Dutch nationals to have another passport.

I'm starting to get a bit pissed off by some of the myths surrounding public sector workers. People keep saying how public sector workers are dedicated to public service - rubbish! They're dedicated, like the rest of us, to one thing and one thing only - earning a living and getting by. If they were the paragons of virtue some describe them as, they would never, ever consider striking.

Public sector workers are often described as doing vitally important work. Again I say rubbish - we all do vitally important work, even (despite what I said in the 2nd paragraph) Naomi Campbell and Prince Rainier are important to some part of the global economy, which at the end of the day pays public sector wages. All jobs are interconnected in the global perspective within a capitalist system - it's how capitalism works.

Public and private sector are not that different - we just have different employers, one being rather massive. What is wrong is that some people, regardless of whether they work in the private or public sectors, have a self-righteous and misplaced sense of entitlement.


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