Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Had a helluva job logging into Blogger this morning - everything was written in Hebrew.

This is our latest product - the 7107. If ever you're on a cruise liner have make use of the telephone to call ashore, or use the internet, then you'll be doing it over something like this.

It's called a VSAT - or Very Small Aperture Terminal. Essentially it's a satellite dish, but whereas your average TV sat dish doesn't have to cope with a moving building, one of a ship does, and has to maintain a pointing accuracy of well under a degree - hence all the technical stuff surrounding the basic dish. Unlike your average home sat dish, this one is for both sending and receiving data and costs around $94k.


  1. Question 1 : Can it manage an internet connection which is faster that a paraplegic snail?
    Question 2 : If so why don't P&O have them?

  2. Alan: it all depends on how many of these they have, and how many onboard are using the internet.

    As far as I'm aware, P&O do have them - in fact we're upgrading one in a couple of months. They may not have them on the pensioner cruises, as they probably don't think anyone over 60 knows what in internet is, or where to buy one.

  3. The 7107, is that the new model with the inverted flux capacitors? ;) Looks like cool tech, I bet there's a ton of software that goes with it too..

  4. That's not the 'wristwatch' model that joker's using is it?

  5. Steve: when used with ACM modems it can provide a 20% improvement in spectral efficiency.

    George: Ha-ha!