Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Come On, If You Think You're Tough Enough!

I hear the Americans have given Al Qaeda an even larger target in New York in the form of a building called One World Trade Centre. Apparently it's the highest building in the western hemisphere, which kind of says to Al Qaeda: "Come and get us." They've even put a large metal pinnacle on it to aid radar identification from the air. 

Rupert Murdoch has been branded as 'not fit to run a major international company' by MPs. Despite it not being a Murdoch paper that broke the MPs' expenses scandal, one can't help feeling there's a bit of pay-back contained in this. Although I'm no great fan of Murdoch, the words pot kettle and black come to mind with respect to MPs - I'm certain there is a large number of MPs who are not fit to be MPs, or Lords to be Lords.

Despite No.1 son having an ethnically Latvian mother and an Anglo-Dutch father, I'm considering applying for Irish citizenship for him in preparation for university.

Seems it's rather dangerous to be an athlete at the moment - they're dropping dead like flies. Footballers, hurlers, cyclists, swimmers - must be the Olympic Effect and all those missiles.

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  1. I'm thinking of selling The Boy to Irish travellers simply so that he can get the prized Irish passport...