Friday, 4 May 2012

What is Good Art? A Shiny Thing!

Overheard in the Pub:

Caravan has just commented about that awful daub of a dummy by Edvard Munch fetching $120m and The Chairman had given vent to his usual (and predictable), reactionary rant against Expressionism.

Hay: "That's the purpose of art; it should challenge the viewer."

Chairman: "The Mona Lisa didn't challenge anyone."

Hay: "It challenged Mona Lisa - she didn't look anything like that. She was really pissed off by all accounts."

Good art is like good food - totally subjective. The problem is that some slavishly follow what the art critic (or collector) says. Oh, and it also gives you something to argue about down the pub - like religion and politics.

I see the new Samsung shiny thing is out. Time was when mobile phones were as large as a brick and the aim was to miniaturise them down to a nano-particle. Now the aim seems to be to make them the size of these massive TV screens.

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  1. Phones are like art which is like food which is like politics which is like religion. (Re-reading that, I have just made a very profound statement)