Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A Litigious Olympic Torch

Are you, like me, rather uneasy about all these injury compensation claim adverts on the part of lawyers that are flooding the commercial TV channels?

Yes, OK, if you have an injury and it's someone else's fault (or even criminal), then you should be able to resort to litigation. However, something about the way injury lawyers tout for business just smacks of ripping people off. It's like abdicating responsibility for your own safety and making someone else responsible for it - it's un-British.

"Have you been offended by the way someone has looked at you in a public place? Call 'I Feel Offended Lawyers 4U' immediately and we'll take them to court to teach them a lesson they'll never forget." Know what I mean?

Another thing that seems un-British is selling your Olympic Torch on eBay before you've even taken possession of it. If you're selling it for charity, then all well and good, but for personal gain?

I asked one of the 'sellers' what charity he or she was donating the money to. Had no response this far. I suspect most of the offers, and even bids, are fake.

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