Thursday, 31 May 2012


I heard the other day that there's a big question mark over Hinkley B. Well, I imagine the last thing the locals want is a bloody huge question mark destroying the view.

All this "renewable" energy - solar, wind, tide - is driven by one thing and one thing only, a huge nuclear reactor some 83 million miles away called the sun. All fossil fuel too is just a battery for ancient solar power.

There's one thing about the sun that concerns me - it's a monopoly, possibly run by God Energy Inc., which we all know to be in the pay of one Rupert Murdoch (it's no accident that Rupert Murdoch also spells 'corrupt red hum').

I think that, in the interested of customer choice, we should have an alternative to the sun, and until such time as a rival power company manages to haul in another one from a distant solar system, then the only answer is having our own nuclear power here on earth.

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