Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Roundhead Inspections of the Laws of Motion

Overheard in the Caravan:

The Chairman is just about to watch a TV program about the Roundheads and the Cavaliers.

Hay: "The Catholics called them Roundheads because they were circumcised."

Chairman: "Absolute rot - it was because of their closely cropped hair and the shape of their helmets."

Hay: "Precisely!"

The Chairman is perturbed by reports that teachers are vehemently against snap inspections by Ofsted. Instead, they want a lot of notice - like a year or two - so they can clean up their act a bit before being pronounced crap.

Isn't that a bit like the police phoning you a couple of days before they decide to check the heap of junk you habitually drive on the M6 with no tax or insurance and giving you time to sort it all out?

Education Secretary, Michale Gove, has backed teachers, saying he didn't want Ofsted to be seen as an arm of the Spanish Inquisition. Does that mean, by implication, that the motorway police are an arm of the Spanish Inquisition? 

Does that similarly mean snap inspections of hospitals and care homes for the elderly are intrinsically bad and should be stopped immediately?

Here's a thought - are the laws of motion merely subroutines in the software that's programmed to run the universe? It seems to me that 'fiscal union does not work' is also a universal subroutine, but certain governments choose to ignore it.

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  1. Did you get pulled on the M6 without tax, insurance and mot then ?