Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Nutters & Demagogues

Was watching a local news item about the Falkland Islands on the TV last night and it really struck me that President Wossername de Kirchner must be a bit of a nutter to even contemplate invading the islands again.

She would be asking Argentinians to lay down their lives for nothing more important than a patch of land, as there's no-one there who needs or wants to be 'liberated' from British rule. Given the foregoing, she'd have to oppress the local population, or expel them. Another word for that is imperialism.

Is just a patch of land worth losing Argentinian lives over? Had there been a local population who actually wanted the Argentinians there, then it would be a different matter.


  1. There's a big lake of black sticky stuff under that patch of land though, I suspect natural resources have more to do with her interest.

    1. Bugger! Didn't mean that to be posted till the morrow...