Saturday, 26 May 2012

Ignominious Rock Deaths & Fire

I see 'ffire' has finally reached Wales with the Olympic torch. I'm sure many will still hanker after the good old days, but it had to happen. It won't stop there though; mark my words - the 'wheell' will reach Welsh shores before much longer.

Steve Peregrin Took (once of T Rex fame and born Stephen Ross Porter) died from asphyxiation by inhaling a cocktail cherry. Not exactly a classic Rock and Roll death, is it? Wasn't Jimmy Page's pool a famous venue for Rock Deaths?

Here's a list of Rock Deaths - seems the classic Rock and Roll deaths from drug overdoses, choking on your own vomit, chronic liver failure and guitar electrocution are giving way to cancer and natural causes.

Talking of Rock and Roll - everyone ready to vote for Spain to win Eurovision?

I hear Jeremy Hunt - that government bloke who has been clinging on to his job for longer than decency allows - has shown himself to be a closet Frenchie. Don't give a damn about the other scandal surrounding him, but a Frenchie passing himself off as a Brit in the British government is unforgivable. Is this what Agincourt was fought for?

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