Thursday, 3 May 2012

On-Line Drawbacks for Celebrity MI6 Plods

Discovered a major drawback of on-line insurance companies. 

Want to insure the new build, but our address (despite having been registered with the Post Office a while ago) doesn't yet appear on the automated address system of Go Compare. Obviously they only update their system infrequently in batch mode. It's going to have to be a manumatic high street insurer!

The Queen visited somewhere hereabouts yesterday and it was all over the local news. I detest the celebrity culture that follows these people. Even their weddings are screened on TV - how tacky can you get.

The police are a bit pissed off that MI6 had crawled all over the belongings of that intelligence officer who was found dead in a bag and failed to hand over some evidence. I'm hardly surprised it wasn't handed over - the last thing you want is for national secrets to fall into the hands of your average Plod. The police seem to be as leaky as a collander, especially given the recent stories about certain people in the force being a bit too close to newspapers, etc.

A couple of swifts nested in the house last spring, as there were no windows in it at the time. They've come back again this year and are circling the place looking for a way in. Hay swears she saw one trying to lift some slates off the roof with a crowbar.

Rolf Harris was on The One Show last night and was asked to critique some 'paintings' by three six year-olds. I was bitterly disappointed when he didn't award a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize, thereby permanently crushing the fragile self esteem of at least two of the kids on national prime time TV in a character-building exercise that would prepare them for real life.


  1. I'm surprised she didn't swing by your building site and smash a bottle of champers against your splendid new abode?