Sunday, 27 May 2012

Eurovision Special Offers

Azerbaijan - Eurovision? Doesn't quite ring true, does it? Traditionally Europe ended at the river Don. Like the Roman Empire at its point of collapse, Europe is extending its boundaries at an alarming rate and admitting the barbarian hordes to its institutions while the centre collapses into a mire of decadence and corruption. I wonder which grouping will successfully emerge from the ensuing Dark Ages?

Talking of tradition, why do we have a tradition of an Irishman hosting our Eurovision commentary?  

My boy sent me this yesterday. Is it another example of supermarkets taking advantage of the general populace's poor arithmetic skills with bogus special offers, or just plain stupidity?


  1. Someone clearly cocked up here, it should clearly be 2 for £6, allow me to explain.

    "Southern Fried Chicken Wraps" = mechanically rendered chicken bladders + trans fat; I think £2 is what you get paid to eat one, its kind of a dare...

  2. Azerbaijan is no crazier than Israel for Eurovision. Since it is called 'Euro-vision', you could take it to mean that to qualify you have to be a country that is visible from somewhere in Europe... which Azerbaijan isn't because the Caucasus mountains block line of sight. :p