Sunday, 6 May 2012

Propaganda for Risotto & Traditional Conservative Values

We went out for lunch yesterday at a nice little place in Nailsworth called Wild Garlic. Highly recommended; however, Hayley had a risotto that was made of potatoes, which is a new one on me.

Risotto is an Italian word and is derived from 'ris', which is rice, and 'otto', which everyone having a knowledge of rudimentary Itanglish knows means hot (when speaking English, the Italians tend to drop the aitch and add a spurious vowel at the end - ususally an 'a' or an 'o'). Oh, and they wave their hands around expressively; not at all English!

Ref my comment yesterday about Cameron's constant bleating about the mess he inherited from Labour wearing a bit thin; I did a bit of rudimentary research and discovered Barak Obama says exactly the same things about the 'mess' he inherited from the Bush administration - and Obama is socialist.

Seems everyone currently in power wants to blame the global financial melt-down on their immediate predecessors' politics - regardless of whether they were to the left or the right and the actual truth of the matter. I suppose that's what's called politics; I call it political propaganda.

Following their massive defeat in local elections, backbench Conservatives are now saying they should return to traditional Conservative values. These are:

Natural law and transcendent moral order.
AKA CofE homophobia and misogyny and: "We know what's best for you - God told us."

Tradition and custom.
AKA a reactionary stance; a return to fox hunting and hanging.

Hierarchy and organic unity.
AKA feudalism and the class system.

AKA huntin', shootin' and fishin'.

Classicism and high culture.
AKA theatre, opera and art galleries funded by cuts in social spending.

Patriotism, localism, regionalism.
AKA chauvinism, imperialism and foisting elected Mayors on the big cities where Labour or the Liberals have control, in the hope they can have a 2nd go at wresting control back.

There's nothing really wrong with that, in fact I welcome it; at least you know where they stand, rather than this inexorable chase after the mass middle ground which makes all parties look similar, masks their true intent and doesn't provide a real choice for the electorate.

I think that's what people abhor about politicians today - they are rapacious wolves dressed in the sheep's clothing of the middle ground. Mmm - I like that turn of phrase.

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  1. Re Politics :

    "immediate predecessors" Bull shit they want to blame every one other than themselves immediate or otherwise...

    Personally of course as you well know i blame religion for all of it !! They are the Wolves dressed in sheeps clothing !