Friday, 18 May 2012

Sponsored Web Browsers

Have you ever noticed how web browsers are a bit unbiased in their search results? OK, you get adverts that are based on your browsing preferences, but they still leave a lot to be desired - I need the adverts before I decide to look for something, not for the 6 weeks following having bought an item.

I wonder if we'll ever have web browsers sponsored by industry - just imagine:

  • The Daily Mail Browser - only produces search results based on things you love to hate.
  • The Hello Browser - supplies nothing but volumes of unremitting trivia about celebs and pictures of orange women.
  • The Conservative Party Browser - makes it up as it goes along and then back-tracks.
  • The Sports Live Browser - has a voice interface that shouts at you.
  • The FaceBook Browser - changes every few days, confuses the hell out of you and steals your data.
  • The Euro Browser - you never get the truth from it and you never finish paying for it.
Any other suggestions?

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