Thursday, 17 May 2012

Spanish Flea

The Chairman hears the Spanish are getting all territorial now, as well as the Argentinians. Queen Sophia of Spain is not coming to Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee because of the Spanish claim to Gibraltar. 

Now Spain is ruled by the Bourbons, who were placed on the throne of Spain by the Treaty of Utrecht, which ceded Gib to the Brits as part of a redistribution of the European balance of power in 1713. Thus one of the reasons Queen Sophia shares the throne with her hubby, Juan-Carlos, is because the Spanish gave us Gibraltar.

As in the case of the Falklands, the Gibraltarians themselves have rejected Spanish rule in two referendums, thus the Spanish claim is trounced on two fronts.

Strange people, these foreign chappies. They should be sent away with a flea in their ear over these imperialist claims.


  1. I'd even go so far as to say that the whole notion of kings and queens is an outdated and redundant concept, just like imperialism.

  2. I understand that Corfu is also wanting to come back into the fold.

  3. I wonder if Canada, Australia and the USA could be so encoursged?