Thursday, 19 June 2014

Battery-Hungry Battery-Saving Apps

Having rooted my mobile and mucked about with KitKat, I decided to purchase an App called Tasker from Google Play. Tasker automates a lot of functions on your phone, like automatically switching Wi-Fi on when you get home by sensing your local phone mast signal and other nifty stuff like that.

I wrote several battery saving profiles, such as only switching on GPS when I open an App that requires GPS, only switching on mobile data when away from a Wi-Fi zone and opening an App that needs data on to function, switching off sound at night, etc, etc.

Yesterday I had cause to travel up to London for the day to attend a satellite communications event in the West End and was horrified at the rate at which my battery was draining. It would seem that having all these tasks running in background was killing my battery - got home with only 10% remaining, whereas I can normally spend a day out with 40% remaining.

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