Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Nutkin Phones

Received the test-bed HTC Sensation yesterday. I'm reasonably familiar with it, as the Sensation was my last phone before I migrated to the Samsung Note 2.

Managed to unlock the phone last night for £2 odd via a service on eBay, but rooting it was one helluva faff and not at all as simple as rooting the Note 2. I eventually resorted to using an on-line service based in India at a cost of £17 - and even then the operative (using Team Viewer) took an hour and a half and 2 failed attempts. I just hope flashing it with the latest version of Android - which is the objective - is not as problematic.

One benefit is that I now know what data to back up. At least the value of the phone (bought for £42) has doubled now as a consequence.

Hay is away for a few days at a conference - me and No.1 son are Home Alone. She spotted this at the hotel:

More of a worry for male guests, I would imagine, as they could run off with your nuts.

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  1. Sensational.
    Do they not eat fried squirrels down your way?