Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Evil Chancellor Osborne in Iraq

Was reading about the new Star Wars film on the BBC website yesterday and saw this:

'Star Wars: Episode VII will be the first in a new trilogy of films. 

Chancellor George Osborne earlier said the decision to shoot Episode VII in the UK was "testament to the incredible talent in Britain" and meant "more jobs and more investment".'

I always thought the Chancellor was Palpatine, not Osborne....

Iraq is turning into a bit of a farce. When you try to drag a load of disparate cultures and religious factions into one artificial country, that's what you get. No wonder the northern Jihadist tribes in Scotland want independence. Give it to them I say, else we'll be having suicide haggis bombings before much longer.

Hobbs House Bakery - a local purveyor of high-class bread (aka The Fabulous Baker Brothers) - happens to be an outlet for the Wild Beer Company (see my post of last Monday about their fantastic beers). Based on the old relationship between bakers and brewers, they have an arrangement with the Wild Beer Company and stock a sourdough beer made with their own sourdough yeast starter. Tried it last night while watching Holland totally destroy the World Champs.

A cool finish - just like Van Persie. There's a cidery taste to it and not at all unpleasant. Have discovered one of our favourite places in Bath - Sam's Kitchen - stock it too.

Was a bit pissed off in Hobbs House. The guy behind the counter asked if we wanted any bread, to which I responded that I baked my own sourdough from my own starter. He then enquired as to how old my starter was and smirked when I said I started it before Christmas. He said Hobbs House sourdough starter was 60 years old. That's pure bread snobbery of the worst kind - as if a starter's age was a deciding factor in the taste of the bread. It's a yeast culture, for God's sake - age is immaterial so long as it's live.

What about that football match then! I rarely get worked up over football - I prefer rugby to football - but that was just wonderful to watch. I had my orange polo-shirt on as a mark of support.

No.1 Son finished his GCSEs yesterday and is now unemployed (unless he gets a summer job) till he starts his A levels in September. Hoping for 5 or 6 A*/A grades, a smattering of Bs and a single C - and he's done it all on his own too.

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