Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Doppelganger Monoglots

Is it my imagination, or is Genesis' Tony Banks slowly turning into Brian Sewell?

Apparently 95% of British monoglots think it's important to speak English in order to be considered British. What about the 4% or so of Welsh who can't speak English? More importantly, what about the Scouusers, Brummies, Geordies and Glaswegians with their impenetrable accents that are based on English, but you can't actually recognise it as such when speaking with them?


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  2. I have noticed that the English who speak with an upper crust accent actually don't speak English because they insert an 'R' after an 'a' thus bath sounds like barth etc

  3. You can't be British unless you appreciate early Genesis, particularly Tony Banks epic keyboard playing on the appropriately named album "Selling England by the Pound"! The should make Peter Gabriel lyrics part of the citizenship test! :)

  4. Being English means being able to moan about the weather whatever the weather.