Friday, 20 June 2014

Silent Harley Nuisance Calls from Hodgson

Must get a push-button phone, even if just temporarily.

I keep getting automated nuisance calls from some outfit that wants to sell me a new gas boiler - not that I have a boiler anyway, or even gas (except Calor). The calls are incessant. I want to get through to someone to tell them to bugger off, but in order to be put through I have to press a set of numbers. Of course my phone is an old 1950s rotary dial phone, so I'm stymied for now. So much for the Telephone Preference Service.

I honestly don't know why I answer the calls - it's not as if anyone other than BT knows the number. All my calls are on my mobile.

Got another app - GSM Battery Monitor - which tells you exactly what's burning battery power. It transpires it wasn't Tasker that was eating up the battery, but me continually flashing up the screen to check whether Tasker was working. Seems the screen is the single largest power drain. May set Tasker to read my emails and SMS messages, rather than me looking at them.

I see Roy Hodgson has ruled out resignation - I guess that's him sacked then by the time he touches down in London.

Harley Davidson have made an electric motorcycle. Just doesn't seem right somehow - it's the sound that's the integral part of the Harley experience. Could you imagine Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda siding off silently to 'Born to be Wild'?

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  1. Presumably Harley Davidson can now implement any sound they like, including Steppenwolf?