Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Couldn't get to grips with using Hay's laptop - too many settings to have to change. Finally got mine yesterday morning. Went to the local TNT depot, only to discover it was already out for delivery. I complained that the delivery man on Saturday hadn't left a consignment number, or called me when my mobile number was plainly on the package. I was told TNT don't issue drivers with phones. Guess what? The delivery driver couldn't find the house and had to call me on his own mobile, and he's probably earning no more than minimum wage.

Heard an item on Radio 4 yesterday about Mieczyslaw Weinberg, where he was called the greatest composed you've probably never heard of. It went on to describe him as Polish Jewish. Mozart was never described as Bavarian Catholic, or Bach as German Lutheran.

I hear Jews are leaving Europe in droves due to the rampant anti-semitism and heading for Israel or the UK.

If management consultancies are so good, why don't we have an Arthur Andersen Party? Although I've heard it said that the UK governments spent £20bn on management consultancies between 1997 and 2006, so I guess there's more money to be made from consulting to government that being in government. That applies to life after being a member of parliament too.

London Mining is moving non-essential staff out of Sierra Leone following an outbreak of Ebola. So I guess it's OK for essential staff to risk getting Ebola, but not non-essentials. Seems a bit perverse when you think about it.

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