Friday, 6 June 2014

Time for Action

I wear an old Omega Seamaster self-winding watch from the early 60s that belonged to my father. It loses just under a minute a day, but a minute here of there is of no consequence to me and I'm rather attached to it, what with it having belonged to my father. The intention is to pass it to my son in my will - it being inscribed with JvB - both my father's and my son's initials.

Just lately it has been stopping on me in the middle of the night and I put it down to me not being mobile enough during the day for it to kinetically self-wind. I've obviously been spending too much time staring into a computer screen of late.


  1. Get yourself an elliptical cross-trainer CB, I've found that the exercise motion is exactly right for self-winders. (not hard on the joints and good for waistlines too!)

  2. Gosh! I stopped wearing a watch because it made my wrist ache and then kept it in a pocket. Finally stopped even doing that about fifteen years ago.