Friday, 13 June 2014

Emperor's New Clothes

The Tate has been gifted several art works by one Cy Twombly. 

I presume it was to save them going into a builder's skip.

Apparently they're worth £50m, but where on earth is the Tate going to find the space to house 50,000,000 pictures?

A few people in the art world are making a lot of money, but most people's pensions are going to suffer when the Emperor's new clothes are unmasked for what they really are and some sanity returns to the art market.

I'm with Brian Sewell as far as Twombly is concerned.

Watched the closing stages of the World Cup opening ceremony - about the last 5 minutes. I was distinctly underwhelmed. A scantily clad young woman kept thrusting her pelvis and bottom at the screen, but I told Hay to sit down and behave herself. Couldn't hear a thing.

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