Wednesday, 11 June 2014

British Values

Cameroon has been going on about how schools are going to promote British values.

Bugger off Cameroon - I don't want some oik in a corduroy jacket with elbow patches teaching my son his (or for that matter the Conservative Party's) values.

My son's values come firstly from me, and once he has learned a bit of critical thinking (may be some time yet), I want him to determine his own values. What I want my son's school to teach is the Three Rs - reading, riting and rithmetic.... (?!)...

If a non-British kid wants to espouse Serbo-Croatian values, then so be it, as long as he (or she) doesn't frighten the horses, stays within the bounds of civil decency and doesn't insist my son adopts Serbo-Croat values at the point of a gun.

What are British values anyway? They move with the times.

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  1. People that think a fixed set of "values" should apply to an entire population just because they sleep within the space defined by lines on a map or are born within particular enclaves are the problem here (i.e. the religious).

    What's wrong with teaching kids ethics, philosophy and critical thinking instead of indoctrinating them with the infantile paranoid beliefs of their ancient ancestors.