Sunday, 22 June 2014

Overheard in Tehran

Overheard during the Argentina vs Iran World Cup Match:

Presenter: "Reza is his Christian name."

I think I'm going to have to start running an Android Tech Spot on here - been playing some more with the Samsung Note 2:

  1. Installed a new launcher - Nova - to replace TouchWiz, the standard Samsung user interface.
  2. Installed a few gizmos to help me better understand extending battery life.
Nova gives you so much more control over your user-experience, allowing you to change the way folders are handled, adding gesture features, speeding up transitions, etc.

Here are some shots of the GSam Battery Monitor from yesterday:

As you can see, the battery life has improved dramatically, even when out of the house - as illustrated by the fluctuation in phone signal from about 8:30 to early afternoon, when we went to Stroud. I kept the screen brightness down to an absolute minimum and didn't keep flashing it up every few minutes - only when necessary.

From the following screenshot you can see my location on Wednesday, based on another App that tracks the GSM cells you're using, which is much more efficient way to track your location than the power-hungry GPS function (but useless for navigation).

Took this screenshot on the way back from Dartmouth a few weekends ago and am determined to visit Diggerland some day....

I'm Home Alone for most of the coming week - Hay is having a week in Fowey with her Dad and No.1 Son is off to stay with a mate in Cornwall. Peace and quiet!

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