Saturday, 7 June 2014

KitKat on the Go in Heaven

I did it! Managed to flash KitKat on to the Note 2 successfully while I had an hour to spare at work (one of our colleagues died just over a week ago and we closed the office yesterday to attend his funeral in Southampton. Given the funeral time, distance and workload I had, I thought it best to go in at my usual Friday morning time and be on my own with no distractions). 

The process resulted in the phone reverting to being unrooted (along with the warranty being restored), but another 5 minutes and it was once more rooted. Didn't even lose any of my App data settings.

Not much difference between KitKat and Ice Cream Sandwich, if you ask me, but at least the issue with Gallery not working and the Sleep of Death have been cured.

I did discover "OK Google" though by accident. Never used it before - it's a neat little App.

Clive - the guy whose cremation I attended yesterday, had a wonderful send-off. He was ex Hussars, a Freemason and a biker. His hearse was accompanied by a phalanx of bikers from his bike club and he was then given a Hussar escort into the crematorium along with a piper.

The vicar went on about his certitude that Clive was now in heaven (if he is, then that's not the Clive I knew); however, I do wish these Christians would make up their minds; do they believe the soul (whatever that may be) goes immediately to the world beyond, or do they believe in the Resurrection of the Dead and The Last Judgement, when all of us are meant to wend our merry ways up or down, with the corollary that Clive won't be there for a long time to come (but in the blink of an eye as far as he's concerned). I guess he was talking from Clive's temporal perspective - if he has one (which I gravely doubt - no pun intended).

The only thing religion can be certain about is that at the beginning of time and space, something caused the universe to come into existence - you may choose to call that God, and I have no argument with that. However, any extrapolation concerning God beyond that is pure supposition and akin to arguing how many angels dance on the head of a pin - an argument built on a foundation of sand, to take a biblical metaphor.

Off to Dartmouth for the weekend, so no posts tomorrow.

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