Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Keeping Cool With BT Broadband Grexit

A relative in the Netherlands posted the image on the left on Facebook yesterday and a friend posted the image on the right, which raised a smile:

Saw an advert for BT Superfast Broadband last night:

Now that 17.33 Mbps was the fastest I got on my BT Superfast Broadband during the test - it was more like 12 Mbps for the majority of the time. Not exactly Superfast!

Grexit - will it happen, won't it happen. It's like a Greek tragedy. Yes, the Greeks are to blame, but so too is the EU itself for feeding a dependency and not calling a halt much earlier to flagrant violations of its own membership rules. When the recession happened in 2009 we were very quick to blame the banks for doling out too much cheap money; this is a very similar situation.

Got a day in London today - not looking forward to 33 degrees in the tube system.

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