Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Ad Blockers for Composting Yagis

Continuing the IT theme, I saw an article in the news this morning about content providers starting to fight back against ad blockers.

The Daily Mash in becoming a pain in the backside with all the ads and popups, to the extent I only occasionally look at it now. I realise they make their money from adverts and click-throughs, but the extent to which they're using adverts puts me off reading their site anymore. There has to be a balance.

What frustrates me most is that my Chrome browser on my mobile (I use the beta version) doesn't present me with what I'm looking for, which is information, but a list of companies selling what's related to my search or that have one of the search criteria in their name - a bit like the sponsored ads you get on a laptop Chrome browser, except the laptop ads are limited to one or two, whereas the mobile Chrome list is endless. Nor does there seem to be a setting that changes this.

The composting loo has had its first week of trials, which have been a bit hit and miss. A hit in that the guys using it have not been phased by using it, but a miss in that Hay is concerned about its operation. Given the amount of urine that was present in the bottom of it, I was forced to ask the boys whether they were targeting their aim properly. It transpired that Hay had set it up for women and old blokes, meaning there was plenty of composting mix dead centre, but not at the back, which is where younger blokes with healthy prostates tend to pee. That was corrected with the little rake provided for that purpose and now it's a case of watching and waiting.

The amazing thing is that there's no smell from the composting loo whatsoever. It's going to take time to get it all working correctly and getting the amount of peat/sawdust mix right - too little and you end up with a septic sludge at the bottom; too much and you're having to empty it too often (as well as it costing a packet to run).

The Yagi Wi-Fi antennas are working fine, with 23 megs in the cabin as opposed to 27 in the house. No more cables snaking up the field.

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