Friday, 30 October 2015

Quantum Strangeness

Had occasion to visit the dentist yesterday and noted that whereas I see people go into the treatment room ahead of me, I rarely see them come out. It could be that I'm so engrossed in whatever I'm reading in a back copy of Cotswold Life that I don't notice them come out, but it does seem strange. Could it be a quantum effect?

Talking of quantum effects (and still at the dentist), I happened to look at my GSAM battery monitoring app on my mobile while in the waiting room and noticed something extremely strange. Very early on Wednesday morning my phone had inexplicably started to charge of its own accord.

Normally when it charges there's a green trace in the upward direction, but very early in the morning of Wednesday the chart showed the mobile charging, but with no associated green trace - and I wasn't even awake to put it on charge. Another quantum effect or just spooky charging at a distance?

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