Friday, 16 October 2015

N and F Type Connectors & Drones

Got an issue and a question for techie types.

The exterior Yagi antennas use 10m of H155 cable with N Type connectors to the indoor routers. Now I have to run the cable through a couple of exterior walls in the house and the cabin. Currently I just have the cable sticking out on both sides of the walls in a continuous run, but it's unsightly having a cable sticking out of a wall, plus any jiggling on the cable will destroy the surrounding plaster-work. Now I can't seem to find an N Type wall plate to allow me to construct something more aesthetically pleasing, except for the tiny plates about a couple of centimetres square that you find on the back of radio equipment. The question is whether I can use an F Type satellite or TV antenna wall plate to effect the desired result in association with F to N connectors, or would the impedance be too high? After all, it's only a wall connector and not a satellite TV coaxial cable run.

Drones! As regulars will know, I've gone and bought the Eye of God FPV (First Person View) quad-copter, which has yet to arrive, but I've just become aware of an FPV mod for my existing Syma X5C for £34. The only problem is the FPV fixes on to the fake antenna I've already modded with the router wi-fi antenna. Think I'll wait for the Eye of God before making a decision on the X5C mod.

Hay and I are on the Old Sodbury Village Hall Committee and there are plans afoot for an event on the Queen's 90th birthday next year. I'm trying to persuade the rest of the committee members to hold a drone flying contest... Just hope she doesn't kick the bucket before then, else it'll be the Old Queen's Wake instead. Anyway, I could use The Eye of God drone and No.1 Son could use the Syma X5C with the FPV mod (there might only be the 2 of us competing)..

Now, for the ultimate drone, watch this:

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