Saturday, 17 October 2015

Needle in a Haystack

OK, so no-one could answer my techie question yesterday. I did, however, receive a reply from an RF expert at work and the answer is there should be no degredation to speak of if I use a TV F Type socket on the wall with F to N converters.

Yesterday I lost the drone over the fields the other side of the railway again - I've taken to writing my mobile number on the drone in indelible felt tip. Went to find it at lunchtime, and again I managed to find it - at least half a mile from where I launched it. On the way back home I took some wonderful video shots of the countryside, but, in the process of a crash landing, the 32GB SD disk fell out somewhere and was lost.

Hay suggested we retrace my steps and find it. This is where it was lost:

Needle in a haystack? No, SD card in a harvested wheat field. I fully expect this to become a modern day equivalent of the idiom. Needless to say, we didn't find it. However, we did find the button that ends the world on one of the bridges across the railway:

What on earth it's doing there is beyond me.

On the way back we walked through some ex council houses, one of which had some of the rendering removed for renovation work. What was underneath astounded me:

Why on earth would someone cover what was once a beautiful Cotswold stone building in hideous council render? It's nothing more than council vandalism.

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