Saturday, 31 October 2015

Gay Pub Pension Merry-Go-Round

Over the years I've garnered half a dozen or more pensions, none of them being worth diddly-squat and I'd have been better putting the money toward paying off the mortgage earlier. Every year at least one of those pension writes to me so say it's being transferred to another pension outfit. My pension pots are obviously currency that can be traded - but it beats me how so little can be worth selling so many times over. Is this a sign of another impending global financial crisis?

Last night we were watching Unforgotten, a ITV drama series. The character played by Tom Couretnay was suspected of a homophobic attack 40 years previously outside a gay pub, but Courtenay's character denied it was homophobic and he didn't even know the pub was a gay pub. Sanjeev Bhaskar was playing a detective interviewing him and asked; "Didn't you know it was a gay pub by the fact it had a totally male clientele?" Well, 40 years ago the Houghton Arms in Southport still had a men-only bar - in fact the last one in Southport, and it caused a bit of a stir and bad feelings when it was finally forced to open up to women.

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