Friday, 2 October 2015

The Cat's Whiskers

Stop press! Found the drone after losing it on Monday. Convinced it had ended up in a field the other side of the railway, and using GMaps satellite view as my guide, I went about a mile up the road, across a railway bridge and through several fields (and a hedge) to get to the field in question. Surprise, surprise - there it was in plain view. Still want the Eye of God drone though.

Found one of Kitty's whiskers on the floor yesterday morning. As a joke, I took it out to the two young guys renting our old office (and moving into the new cabin on Monday) and said: "The wi-fi antenna for the new cabin has finally arrived from China." You could hear the wind whistling and imagine the tumbleweed bowling across the path. I said; "Cat's whisker...." Still the mystified silence. I finally said; "Forget it - it's an age thing."

These blokes are engineers too!

Book Club at our house last night. Luckily there were only three of them, so I settled down to the rugby match with my headphones on. The analysis of the key imaginary people in this month's book proceeded for some 30 minutes before it descended, somewhat predictably, into a gossip and wine fest.

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  1. Ha! how spooky, it was book club round ours last night too - ditto for the wine and gossip!