Tuesday, 27 October 2015

It's a Man's DIY World

One of our female neighbours, a single-parent mum, came round on Sunday to ask me if I could shorten a metal curtain rod for her. In one hand was said rod, in the other was, of all things, a huge wood saw. She showed me the mark to use to get the right length. I cut the rod using a hacksaw, but 30 minutes later she was back asking for another 4 inches to be removed from the rod. I was intrigued, but didn't ask how she got the measurement so wrong in the first place.

The other day I mentioned I was facing redundancy for the 4th time. Actually it's the 5th - I forgot about the voluntary redundancy I took. It's strange how looming redundancy confers a magical cloak of invisibility on you when dealing with co-workers; they seem too embarrassed to talk to you and simply don't know what to say.

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  1. Bad luck on the redundancy CB (I'm sure you'll find something more interesting to do) - I'm old school when it comes to these things, i.e. get out as soon as possible. I hate the modern fashion for dragging it out and lot's of "consultation", once a decision is made, best to move quickly in my experience.