Thursday, 22 October 2015

Press-Gang Policing

Theresa May is starting to worry me. She says it's 'not good enough' that some police forces don't have enough ethnic minorities or women. I wonder if she's looked at applications versus appointments?

Given one of the police forces she castigates is North Yorkshire, I'm hardly surprised there are few ethnic minorities - it's about the most rural police force in the country and ethnic minorities tend to be more prevalent in industrial areas, which is where their antecedents congregated in search of jobs when first arriving on British shores. Same goes for Dyfed-Powys - I would hazard a guess you'd be hard pressed to find a single ethnic minority in deepest, darkest west Wales.

If you look at a chart of ethnic mix within the various police forces, you will indeed find that the highest proportions of ethnics are in London, the West Midlands, West Yorkshire and Leicestershire - all areas of high ethnic concentration.

Is she going to recommend press-ganging ethnic minorities and women into the police and force them to work in the countryside? Politicians, eh?

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