Thursday, 29 October 2015

Talk-Talk Grape Abduction

With the Talk-Talk data hack cybercrime has become a hot topic. Heard one victim yesterday describe the perpetrators of telephone fraud as being very clever. They're not - they rely on the gullibility of their marks, and despite the media constantly telling people that banks don't ask for security data over the phone, people still give it out to whoever calls.

The Madeline McCann story - say they found her after all these years, which I think highly unlikely, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if the abductor applied for permanent custody given the fact Madeline had spent more time with him/her than her biological parents, arguing it would cause her emotional stress. It has happened before with adoption cases.

Hay's dad decided to clear out the covered patio yesterday ready for winter. Part of this process was to cut back the grape vines that grow there, despite the fact they were heavy with ripe grapes. Rather than ask any of the family if they wanted the grapes, he threw them all on the bonfire pile - not even on the compost heap! Needless to say I rescued a small proportion of them.

As you probably gathered, he doesn't like grapes. Best crop we've had since I moved here 8 years ago; they're normally quite bitter, but are perfectly sweet this year, and grew in abundance. Global warming?

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