Saturday, 3 October 2015

Supermarket DJs for UK Mail

Hay is already talking about building a 2nd cabin, but perhaps not to such a high spec as the one we just built. This got me to think about what we're going to call it. I suggested we call this one the Waitrose Cabin - aimed at a certain clientele with the name saying it all. The next one could be the Lidl or Aldi Cabin, being a bit more rough and ready, but good value.

Got my old school reunion next weekend. Hay has decreed that my trusty double breasted dinner jacket is a) too large for me and resembles a Demis Roussos kaftan, and b) allegedly about 15 years out of fashion. This necessitated a visit to the local St Peter's Hospice charity shop to purchase a single breasted DJ for the princely sum of £5.99. Since the charity shops went up-market it's never been so cheap to go to posh events. Hay still doesn't have a clue as to what she'll wear.

Rant against UK Mail. The wi-fi kit for the cabin was collected from the distributor by UK Mail on Wednesday for guaranteed 24 hour delivery. Having previous experience of UK Mail, a Thursday delivery was as likely as a delivery on the day before dispatch, if you get my drift, and I was proven correct. Anyway, it was rescheduled for yesterday but still didn't come. I couldn't collect it from the depot as they didn't know where it was, which doesn't exactly give me confidence of a Monday delivery either. UK Mail really is a crap courier service. Temporary solution is 150m of CAT 5 from Amazon delivered first thing this morning for £48. May even turn out to be a more robust solution, although I don't like the idea of wire strung around the field.

Heard a woman interviewing rugby pundits on the radio this morning. She seemed very knowledgeable, but I get an uneasy feeling about a woman who is interested in rugby in anything other than a cursory manner. Looking forward to kick-off tonight.

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  1. Your power cable trench must still be pretty soft - break out your spade and whack it into that... look on it as 150m of constructive exercise.