Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Truanting Ethernet Cabin Drones

Parents of truanting children to have their child benefit payments docked. The problem is that some children will truant no matter what threats their parents make. The horse has bolted and no amount of locking the door will get it back.

Set up the house Wi-Fi Access Point, installed the Yagi antennas and finalised the settings on the cabin routers - the boys in the cabin now have broadband without the use of the 100m Ethernet cable. They boys are having a whale of a time in the cabin and can't believe their luck. They're a tad wary of the composting toilet though. Can't say I blame them - it'll take some getting used to. They've purchased a large red carpet to keep the wooden floor pristine - very thoughtful of them.

Talking of Ethernet cable - those RJ45 connectors are the Devil's invention. It's a bugger connecting the wires to them and the tab snags on every wire in the vicinity when you're trying to untangle a bunch of bastards (a technical maritime term for tangled ropes or wires).

I'm trying to do a hack on the drone; increasing its control range by fitting a higher gain antenna. Apparently you can use the stick aerial from an old wi-fi router as they both operate at 2.4GHz. Opened the drone control box and the antenna provided is only a couple of centimetres long - it should be at least 1/4 wavelength, or 3.21 cm. A 6.25cm (1/2 wavelength) router antenna really turns up the power, and if you combine that with a 3.25 cm antenna on the drone itself, then the sky is literally the limit. Just need to get hold of a trash router or wi-fi extender. The 17dBi Yagi antennas I'm using to beam broadband to the cabin would improve things immeasurably. Wonder if I can hook up the drone controller to it...

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