Thursday, 8 October 2015

Range Improvement

Another drone post.

The original (the actual antenna doesn't even reach into the little plastic stub at the top). Effective range under 100m:

The modification. Effective range more than doubled:

Dismantled and used one of the TP-Link antennas on the routers I used for the cabin. Two of them don't require the antennas at all, as they use the Yagis, so the 2nd spare is reserved for the Eye of God controller, when eventually received.

Did two test flights and the result was superb - and then one of the rotor motors went west. Need to dismantle it and see what the damage is - or just wait for the Eye of God...


  1. I did say that there was a rough engine noise & you took no notice of me nag nag nag!

  2. Surely the "eye of God" is omnipresent?

    Mind you, if it's delivered by ParcelForce it'll likely become the "mythical, long lost eye of God".