Saturday, 19 March 2016

A Grey City

Had a very busy week assimilating my new company's business processes at our UK offices in Newcastle, Aberdeen and Wickford. This, as well as not having the benefit of Hay's stimulating conversation, meant a dearth of posts.

Aberdeen is a city that I can't say I really like. The entire place is built from grey granite and no matter whether the sun is shining brightly, the granite sucks the light from the atmosphere leaving the place dismally dull.

However, you do have to admire the Aberdonian steeplejacks. Just look at that wonky ladder snaking up the church, which appears to be stitched together with bits of string and hope. There's no way you'd get me up there on that.


  1. I agree with your observations of Aberdeen, I spend an amount of time there throughout the year. I also find the accent really difficult to understand especially local to local.

  2. My husband picked up a half sovereign from a bar floor in the Granite City, so we always thought a little more kindly towards it.