Monday, 28 March 2016

Highway Code Bag Spill

Is it actually legal to be using a mobile while riding a horse on the main road?

Hay's sister went for a walk yesterday through James (Roper) Dyson's grounds and came across an Eastern European security guard. It occurred to her that perhaps Doddington Park - his estate - is a cover for an arms manufacturing business or a private army training ground. We toyed with the idea of getting a male family member on the inside posing as a a chef. There was no sign of Corky...

Apparently there's a self-promotional thing on Twitter called #BagSpill, where women artfully arrange the expensively branded contents of their designer handbags, such that they look as if they've accidentally spilled out, and then take a photo of the result, posting it on twitter. It's meant to enhance a girl's 'personal brand platform'. Might do a #PocketSpill on here, but it would comprise nothing more edifying than fluff, an old battered wallet, car keys, my mobile, a vaping device and a piece of tissue paper smeared with the residue of the flu I've been suffering from for the last week - although the catarrh has been so heavy that I've been using the African method to get rid of it (although not in public).

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