Sunday, 20 March 2016

The Wrong Trousers

Hay is of the opinion I shouldn't be allowed out clothes shopping without an accompanying adult.

She bought me an extra pair of trousers as a spare set for my travels last week. I went and left them at the first hotel I stayed at and had to have then posted home from Newcastle on Wednesday.

Luckily the hotel in Aberdeen was attached too a shopping mall, so on Wednesday evening I bought a replacement pair at Next. Tried them on when I got back to the hotel, but they were skinny fit, which is anathema to me - made me look like Max Wall. It was too tale to take them back.

On Thursday morning I returned them to Next when they opened at 8:30. Texted Hay and she asked me if I'd tried them on in the shop. Obviously I hadn't, but to keep her quiet I said I had.

Got home on Friday evening and surreptitiously tried them on, only to find they were slim fit, which again is no use when you have calves like a rugby player. Hay did her nut.

Took them to our local Next and traded them in for another pair in regular fit, even getting the sales assistant to check they were indeed regular fit. Just as she had completed the transaction I noted they were several shades darker than the ones I'd returned, so I asked her to change them for the correct colour; however, they didn't have that shade in stock si she put a pair on order. 

Going back to Next this afternoon to collect them - I will try them on and check the colour before I leave the shop. Stand by for the next installment of the Great Old Sodbury Triuser Fiasco....

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  1. Back in the 60s my Dad went to Chamberlain & Jones for a first try on of a new suit. When Mum caught up with him, the suit had been almost pulled apart to get things right. She told him and the tailor that it was not his suit - and it wasn't.