Friday, 11 March 2016

Queen of the EU

Personally, and irrespective of what the Sun newspaper says, I find it hard to believe the Queen is an ardent supporter of the EU and closer integration. Her prime concern will be the continuation of the family firm, and I don't just mean the Windsors, as within an EU superstate kingdoms would be relegated to becoming mere dukedoms. The kings and queens of European countries are a superkingdom in their own right, having historically offered spare princes from their pan-European dynasty as kings of countries in need of one one. Naturally, a United States of Europe with a President as Head of State would have no need of kings and queens.

There again, if nations are well disposed to their royals, would they be willing to give them up?

It's anomalous that the European Council is comprised of Heads of State, but in no case is a county's member of the Council a royal, even if (as in our case) the monarch is the Head of State.

I'm surprised our royals haven't yet lodged an action with the European Court of Human Rights about the ban on them marrying outside the Anglican faith.

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