Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Milk Bottle

I've had a brilliant idea! You know those glass candle holders - you know the ones I mean, I've put a photo of them below:

Well, the idea is to use them for milk. Neat, eh? Just think of it, supermarkets wouldn't have to use those oil-based plastic containers which are not that recyclable without lots of precious energy and could instead recycle these glass thingies, which I have given the snazzy name of 'milk bottles'. 

They could be capped with tin foil, although that may not be adequate from a food security or leakage aspect, but they could be adapted to use those old fashioned levered stoppers which could show whether the 'milk bottle' has been opened.

Some enterprising people could even deliver milk in this manner - a good name for them would be 'milkmen'. If they came every day, then you'd only need to order as much as you need for 24 hours, rather than keeping a plastic bottle in the fridge for a week or more and risking it going rancid. They could even deliver bread, eggs and fruit juice at the same time.

Just think of it - the simplicity of the ultimate recycling model combined with freshness. I wonder if it would catch on?


  1. Our milkman delivers all manner of things including bags of soil compost! Damned good service to be honest, costs a bit more but we have had him ever since we got married. I hope you idea catches on.

  2. Or you could even install one of those cow thingies in your paddock - no mowing and even fresher milk!