Friday, 25 March 2016

Welsh Cybercrime Keyboard

Apparently one of our walking party on Snowdon on Wednesday had one of those tracker Apps on his iPhone and logged our route. The elevation setting was wrong however, as it was incorrectly calibrated and assumed a sea level start.

The boys who did the original climb started from the main road at the end of the lake and took the short cut up the side of the ridge on the shaded side - an altogether bigger challenge that was beyond the exertions of a bunch of over 60s.

I wonder why Welsh is compulsory in Welsh schools, as well as everything in Wales from road signs to council documentation being in English and Welsh, yet the BBC Wales news is broadcast in English only? Even on the BBC Wales news site Welsh seems to be an afterthought.

A lot of companies are touting their anti-cybercrime credentials on TV adverts at present as a selling point. Can't for the life of me think of anyone I know who has been affected by cybercrime though - misselling scandals aplenty, but not cybercrime. Is anti-cybercrime the new Y2K perhaps?

Having started a new job I was given a new laptop - a piece of crap called the Dell Latitude E7250 (no Bluetooth, no DVD drive and a hard disk no larger than 110Gb, meaning it is filled to 90% capacity already with my old Dropbox data that's been gathering and growing since laptops were invented). Its only advantage is it is small and light for travelling, and the battery lasts a good couple of hours. Anyway, given the capacity limitation of the new laptop I have to keep the old one going and, naturally enough, the keyboards are vastly different, meaning lots of typos and garbled sentences on switching from leisure to work mode and vice versa. Touch typing is now a thing of the past and I really have to concentrate. Why can't keyboards be standardised as to the location of the cursor keys and the delete key at least?

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