Monday, 21 March 2016

FCUK, Lycra Bifocals

Haven't picked up the trousers yet; they came into the shop too late yesterday for me to collect them. Will provide an update tomorrow.

Every cafe we went to yesterday during our morning walk was filled to the brim with angry, testosterone-pumped, middle-aged, Lycra-clad blokes with their expensive racing bikes piled high outside. You just don't see cyclists dressed in normal clothes, a flat cap and bicycle clips anymore.

We were talking about holiday camps with Hay's dad over lunch yesterday. They were a post WWII phenomenon and he's convinced those who ran them learned a thing or two from the NAZIs in running them.

Despite having worn bifocals for some 8 years now, I'm not getting on too well with my latest pair from SpecSavers. Noticed yesterday that they have a logo on the side which had escaped me until then - FCUK - and I think that's a fair description of them. Hay thinks they have a touch of Dame Edna about them...

61st Birthday's Eve today. We're off early tomorrow to travel to Llanberis to meet up with some 20 old school chums and their partners to climb Snowden on Wednesday.The less energetic among us will be taking the railway to the top.

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  1. Should have left the trou alterations until after Snowdon - they may end up back in dry dock again for alteration...