Friday, 4 March 2016

Rag Bag Stag Question Mark

Was looking for a suitable pair of jeans in our local charity shop yesterday and came across these.

Seriously! Shouldn't they be in the rag bag rather than being priced at £4.50?

Watched Stag on iPlayer yesterday - a very black comedy on the BBC (actually a clone of Mad Dogs, which is being re-run as an American version on Amazon Prime, with one of the actors from the British version acting in the US version). Very funny it is too, but am I alone in thinking JJ Feild and Tom Hiddlestone were separated at birth?

Now for a matter of punctuation; where do you stand on the issue of using a question mark mid-sentence? Apparently it was used almost ubiquitously in the past but is now falling out of fashion. Seems logical to use it mid-sentence in the spoken language using inflection, although I have to admit to never having used it in this manner in the written language and choose to rearrange the sentence. Any views from the literati?

1 comment:

  1. As it has a point on it's bottom, I have always placed it at the end. Those jeans could have an afterlife as shorts depending on the position of the rip.