Thursday, 31 March 2016

Hullish Shorts in Port Talbot

Given all this sun I've made an executive decision to go back into shorts. Someone had to start the ball rolling.

I heard someone on the radio yesterday mentioning Hull and City of Culture in the same sentence. Surely some aspirational statement pertaining to a long term investment and development programme and not something being seriously considered within the next 50 years?

Apparently the government is considering all options for Port Talbot. Could I suggest making it City of Culture? That's bound to bring in lots of investment. If things go tits-up we could see economic migrants from Wales coming over the border into England within our own version of Schengen...

Brexit - if we vote to leave then the negotiations won't take place till after the vote. Why the hell can't they take place before the vote so we are better informed about the consequences and fall-out? A two year hiatus before a vote wouldn't worry me as the overall timeline would be the same. If the negotiations were to take place prior to a vote then that might be the kick in the arse the EU needs to effect some real reform rather than just spouting hot air.

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